About Us

The events of the last few years — such as the coronavirus pandemic and the seemingly imperceptible climate shifts across the globe — are not mere aberrations but rather the outcomes of our ever-changing world.

If we have learned anything from these events, it is that we are mere stewards of nature and not its master.

And since mounting climate concerns have become a greater priority for the world’s governments, it means that companies have a responsibility to abide by sustainable business practices.This is where Solaris Hong Kong comes in.

By leveraging technology such as AI and machine learning alongside ESG data reporting, analytics and research, we provide bespoke services to as well as support and guide listed companies and the broader business community that need to achieve greener targets and modernise their ESG framework.

Our consultancy services offer sustainable hardware and software solutions that will allow your business to perform in an optimal manner and continue to grow, all while measuring carbon credits and maintaining carbon neutral outcomes.

To that end, we provide integral solutions to help clients make sustainable decisions and navigate the transition to a sustainable future by measuring, reducing and offsetting their carbon emissions.