Solar Panel Monitor

Our first product

Solar energy is endless, but the right place to install solar panels is not.

Maximise Efficiency

The monitor can estimate the efficiency of the solar panel by analying the data collected

Collect various data

The device could collect the data of irradiation, rainfall, wind speed, thermoelectric and photoelectric

Wireless Connection

The product supports wireless communication with the internet by 4G and 5G

Instant Report

Coustomers can instantly read the analyzed data through the device

Warning Alarm

The Alarm would be send when the monitor detects the panel is not functioniong properly

Easy to install

Connet to power and network and ready to use


Cable glands will be used to seal all the wiring for
better dust and water resistance

Self Powering

No extra power needed, all power comes from solar panels

OTA update

Self-triggered Over-the-air update performed wirelessly

More is coming soon

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